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I’ll be doing a joint reading at Sh! Womenstore in London on Saturday 2nd July 2011.  Rachel Kramer Bussel will be in the U.K to head up readings from a selection of books, including the IPPY Gold Award book, Orgasmic.  There will be cupcakes, and as I’m going to get a box of them from Ms Cupcake, the really nice ones will be vegan!

I’m really looking forward to it.  I haven’t done a reading in ages!

Book reading in July


Orgasmic: edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel.

One of the books that has a story of mine just won a gold award for Erotica!  I’m particularly pleased ‘What’s in a name?’ is in this collection.  It’s a story about what happens when you call out the wrong name at an important moment.  Not that it’s ever happened to me… well, not often.  Let’s just say there’s a talented soul out there whose ears must be burning every night at about 11 o’clock… 

‘What’s in a name?’ was also about gender play, and a man’s first venture into bisexuality.  When he asks his girlfriend if he’s going gay, she responds by saying he may be bi-curious, or try-curious to be more precise. In a genre where most women are portrayed as open for fun with anyone, male-identified characters who are bisexual are still something of a rarity.  I’m chuffed that I can do something to change that, even if it’s in a small and somewhat silly way.

Here’s to more bi tales getting out and about!

Full list of award winners can be found here.

An award!