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A Poem: I Can’t Be Bi. I’m a Man.


 I was saddened by the biphobia that’s on twitter.  The sexist assumptions, the implied violence, and the awful spelling are just staggering.  This is one of my ways of coping with it all.

All bi’s are girls.

All bi’s are ho’s.

They may look well fit

but my dick ain’t touching one of those.

No men are ever bi.

No blacks are ever queer.

Say different & you’re a liar;

nuthin I wanna hear.

Ain’t insulting at all,

to call something rubbish, “gay.”

I know plenty of battymen.  They don’t mind.

But I ain’t one. No Way!

Bi’s are just looking for attention.

Bi’s think they’re smokin’ hot.

Buy a clue, greedy bitches;

everyone else knows when to stop.

I ain’t never looked at another man.

Don’t you know, I’m dead straight?

I like beating queers up.

Put ‘em in their bloody place.

Messing about that one time don’t count.

I’m not queer, no way!

He was drunk. I was horny,

but that don’t make me gay.

Don’t you call me a bi boy.

I’m with the studs, not the ho’s.

Cos everyone knows all bi’s are girls

and I ain’t one of those.

Inspired by some very nasty comments on twitter re-posted by @biphobic_bigots,

@biphobic_bigots: “Collecting hate speech and outing biphobes and bigots on Twitter. Don’t troll the bigots. Just because they’re idiots, doesn’t mean you have to be.”