In praise of zero: thanks for nothing.

Binary code

Binary code



Zero doesn’t mean ‘loser ‘ to me;

It doesn’t mean I’m weak.

Zero is the start of binary,

(Can you tell that I’m a geek?)

Zero means the digital world:

Maths and computers around me.

Zero is the strand of code

that links my lovers to me.


I’m a walking stereotype, I guess,

but the analogue world just doesn’t make sense.

Roman numerals are a waste of time;

The Arabic zero lets my love shine.

When my partners are countless kilometres from me,

I can touch  them all though my PC.


I give thanks for the women who developed early code;

The Muslim scholars who made zero precious as gold.

Where would I be without that special digit?

Without the internet and those I’ve met within it?

Zero makes my world go round, I swear

That’s why this geek remembers nothing in all his prayers.

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