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Bi magazine is compiling a Purple List.

So below I’ve included a list of a few bisexual activists who I think are making the world a better place. It’s not everyone, and I know I’ll miss out some by accident, but here goes!

Ele Hicks My go to person for anything bi and Welsh!

Jennifer Moore Incredibly talented musician & activist in Nottingham

Shirt Eisner Author of Notes for a Bi Revolution

Jen Yockney Editor extraordinaire of BCN & Manchester bi activist

Sue George Sue has been writing about bisexuality longer than anyone I know.

Marcus Morgan The brains behind the Bi Index, educator & great public speaker.

Edward Lord OBE Did you notice the OBE? Ed is a bi activist who also supports diversity in sport. And he probably met the Queen.

Robyn Ochs Robyn’s work as a bi activist is internationally known. She has edited books, given presentations and done so much more in the U.S and beyond.

Also, there’s me!

When it comes to celebrities, take pick from Frank Ocean, Alice Walker, Grace Jones and many more.

This list isn’t confined to the UK, so check out the Bi groups around the world for an activist closer to your location that has done good things for bi-kind.