Monthly Archives: April 2017

The #BlizzardScale


I’ve been using the #BlizzardScale for a while now, to communicate how disappointing it is to attend an event & be the only black person there.  Some places are better than others, so I’ve given them X/10 ratings to simplify.  I encourage everyone to use this at the next event they attend, and to ask “Why are there so few POC there?” And “How can this be rectified?”

1/10 No white folk to be seen – Assume this is a POC-only event
2/10 Only a couple of white folk – Assume those white folk got lost
3/10 A few white folk – Excellent diversity
4/10 Reasonable amount of white folk – Good diversity
5/10 Even split of ethnicities – Fair diversity
6/10 POC in a minority but not noticeably so
7/10 POC in definite minority. Assume you’ll be asked “Where are you really from?”
8/10 Rumour of POC in attendance, but unconfirmed – Assume this is a LGB event
9/10 Approaching total whiteness – Assume this is a Trans/Vegan/Gamer event
10/10 Total whiteout. “Some of my non-existent best friends are black”. Defensiveness of whites very high.