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Fat people with visible scars of disfigurements

Fat people who survived abuse/violence & have mental/internal scars

Fat women/femmes who don’t wear, or can’t access make up

Fat women/femmes who are bald or balding

Fat women/femmes who aren’t hourglass or pear shaped

Fat people who are older

Fat people who can’t afford or can’t access the latest fashions

Fat people who are super-fat/super-sized

Fat people who are genderqueer or nonbinary

Fat people of colour who live outside of North America

Fat people who are disabled

Fat people with multiple oppressions

Fat liberation is for you too.  You will probably never see yourself reflected in anything, mainstream or alternative.  You will probably feel let down by body positivity and fat positivity.  But you count.  You matter.


Tattoo reads, “When words become inadequate, I shall be content with silence”.

There are words waiting: a poem

My fingers, pink side up

Hold stories made of gestures, 

Signs and twirls.

The whorls 

Of each fingerprint start a chapter, a Sign Language tale.

Violence made me mute when I was younger;

It still returns as an adult – the silence

I surrender

To a fractured part inside my soul.

Another name, another author

Of my life takes hold.

And when I stare at my palms, the lines,

So fractured, divides

Into several paths, many lives

I have carried:

A library of personalities tallied.

My fingers move, my body remembers

Trees towering above me

And a book burning

As another part of me rises from the embers.