The B in LGBT+ doesn’t stand for Blank.  Yet so many times I see events big and small, who have the acronym LGBT, but with zero bisexual input.

“We don’t ask our guests/panelists/speakers sexual orientation,” is something that’s only ever said in response to questions about the lack of bi representation.

“No bisexuals approached us,” is only said when all the letters except B are represented at events.

I can’t imagine a world where someone would run a Pride event, and say “Sorry, no gay groups contacted us, so there won’t be any marching in the parade.  Yet this is exactly what London Pride has done (2 years after they let the hate-group, UKIP march).

Pride used to be something that excited me, but it hass joined the long list of places that are racist and biphobic – places I don’t want anything to do with.  And as an isolated alienated person, that just stinks.

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