The Bi Series Takeover happened on 19th August 2017, at the LGBT Foundation in Manchester.  I didn’t know what to expect of this event, with it coming only a week after BiCon.  During BiCon I received several emails and texts from bisexuals of colour about the poor treatment they had received at that event.  I was worried that it would be more of the same at the Takeover.  My worries were for nothing, as it was a very positive event.  I was informed that it had the same amount of bisexuals of colour in attendance as BiCon had (an event 4 times as big).  There were trans only spaces, bisexuals of colour only spaces, and it was all held in a reasonably accessible building.  The heavy rain didn’t seem to put people off, as it was very well attended, with people coming from far and wide.
In the Bi’s of Colour session there were discussions about recent Blackface incidents at LGBT events in Manchester and Durham, and how these insulting acts had to be challenged over and again by People of Colour.  We also spoke about the possibility of a longer Bi’s of Colour event – a retreat or conference; everyone was very happy about that!  The call for submissions to the Bi’s of Colour book was repeated: £50 for any bisexual person of colour whose piece was accepted into the book (we haven’t turned anyone down yet!).  The closing date is 21st December 2017.  If you want to know more, or submit a piece of work, contact us on

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