Still here on #BiVisibilityDay 

Still here – just about

Still queer – whether or not you think we belong.

Me and the fabulous #applewriter , cofounders of Bis of Colour.

Can you see us? Are we visible? Can you see all of us, or just the version edited for your comfort.  

Jacq Applebee wrote the first report on Bisexual PoC in the UK. Read it – even if you think you know what is says. If you want copies, email us at  We can send them out As with all of our stuff, it’s largely self funded/DIY so if you have institutional access/funds (unions, uni etc) and can fund a print run, then shout. 🙂

Tl: dr version: as ever – black working class women, trans and cis, and black non-binary people – do the most labour and get the least support.

Also – when ur ‘best’ option for community = choose between dealing with structural biphobia or  racism or both = it’s a shit sandwich.

That said, I wouldn’t change being me for all that; bis of colour give me LIFE

Happy BiVisibility Day from all the founders of Bi’s of Colour!

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