Bisexual Men


Bisexual men are everywhere—haven’t you read about it yet? These fifteen tales celebrate the sexy adventures by men who really do go both ways. They love soft feminine curves and hard masculine muscles—as long as the action is hot, nothing will spoil the fun to be had!

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As far as I knew, Aston had only ever been with one other man, and that finished just before I joined him. If he’d had one, then I was betting he could have another.

“Why don’t you ever invite Jake to bed?” I asked.

Aston looked up from his paper. Severin was in his arms, playing with Aston’s tie. “I’m not into men anymore.”

I knelt at his feet, assumed my little-girl role. “But you could be. Jake is cute, you can’t deny that.”

“You just want to watch daddy and the puppy get it on, don’t you?”

“Well isn’t that a disturbing picture,” Henrietta said as she walked by. She took Severin from Aston, and then put the child into the cot by the door.

“Are you going to ply me with sex too? You are on your knees after all.”

I unzipped him, nuzzled his hardening cock. “I want to see you happy.”

“I have three beautiful women. I am a lucky man.”

“Jake wants you.” Henrietta said as she knelt at my side. “He’s wanted you since the first night he came here.” Now I had some support, I was free to suck Aston’s cock while he listened to Henrietta’s words. I ran my mouth up and down, all the time gazing into Aston’s eyes. “Imagine Jake doing this,” Henrietta whispered, removing her top. From the corner of my eye I could see her breasts bob as she moved.

“He’s too young, barely legal,” Aston said, though the words were flat, with no conviction.

Henrietta ignored him. “Imagine a harder mouth on you, firm hands stroking and touching in a way only another man could.” She drew my hands behind my back, immobilising me. Aston surged inside me, filling my mouth with his cock. I had to remember to breathe through my nose. “Jake would be so firm beneath you. You wouldn’t have to go gently with him.” Henrietta held my hair with her free hand. “You could hold him down, pound into him. Remember what it’s like to fuck someone in the arse.” Aston erupted inside me. I swallowed once, but I couldn’t keep it all in. His come dribbled down the sides of my mouth and my chin.

“Where is he?” Aston stood. I couldn’t reply. Henrietta was busy kissing me senseless.

Published by eXcessica

Erotic Brits 2: Sexy Scotland


Fancy a Highland fling? This anthology showcases a sexy Scotland for your pleasure.

• Glasgow by the back door: Kinky fun awaits a newlywed on her honeymoon, when she learns that it’s always the shy folks who love anal.

• Up Helly Aa celebrates the Viking history of the Shetland Isles in a fiery tangle of sex.

• Celtic Tongues: A woman joins a threesome at Loch Ness with two Gaelic-speaking lovers.

• The Blackening sees a friendship renewed, and then some when a visitor takes part in the ancient Pagan ritual of blackening a bride-to-be before her big day. There are plenty of opportunities to get naked and dirty in this tale.

• Scottish grub: The unique cuisine of Scotland is explored one sexual encounter at a time. However sex and food is a partnership made in heaven, so good taste wins in the end.

• Local Colour: A hidden heritage is discovered where a woman learns to love submitting to her Master.

• The Middle sees a threesome play out their sexual fantasies on the beautiful Isle of Skye.

• Scotland the brave: a fan of the film, Braveheart works as a gigolo. He meets his match in a woman who loves William Wallace just as much as he.

Everyone has a good time on this tour; they just have to let go of their preconceptions and watch as the sparks and the sporrans fly!

This title contains f/f m/m, multiple partners and ménage, bisexuality, transgender themes, BDSM, and anal sex. Oh yes, there’s not too much in the way of cuddling either…

Length: 20,900 words

Price: E-book $3.99 (approx£2.50)


The hallway wasn’t big enough for both of the men to carry Ricky, but much to my surprise Tyree hoisted my sleeping husband over his shoulder, and carried him the rest of the way. I watched spellbound as Tyree’s muscles rippled when he moved. I found myself following him without thinking, just so I could get a better look. Tyree was magnificent.

The door shut behind me once I was inside my room. I could hear Craig talking to Annie outside, but soon their voices disappeared into the distance. I was alone with a heaving, sweaty man and my unconscious husband. I gulped as my fantasy rose up in my mind once more.

“So you’re on honeymoon then?” Tyree asked once he deposited Ricky on the side of the bed.

“That’s right. It’s our first full day here.”

Tyree shook his head, looked down at Ricky. “Have you had the chance to even do anything yet?”

“Do anything?”

“Consummate anything,” he said slowly. “Do you know what consummating a marriage means?” Tyree moved to me with one long stride. He was suddenly far too close. I was trapped between the big man and the door. I couldn’t move.

“I know what it means.” My voice felt small. I couldn’t look at anything but his hard flat chest. How had I got myself into this situation?

“So you’ve had sex?” Tyree sounded as if he didn’t believe me.

“What my husband and I do is none of your business.” I could hardly breathe. My hands fumbled behind my back for the doorknob. Tyree reached around, grasped my hands in just one of his. His bulk pinned me to the door. I couldn’t see anything past Tyree’s muscular body. The big Scotsman became the whole world.

“I could make it my business,” he purred. “Your man’s out for the count. We’re all alone. I could do anything I want.” He ran a thick finger over my breasts. He found my hard nipples instantly. “I could bite down on these tits of yours.” He pinched one of my nipples. The hard pressure made me hiss. “Or maybe you’d like to finger your hot hole whilst you sucked me off? How’s that sound?” I could only whimper as Tyree continued to speak. His grasp on my hands tightened. “I think you’d prefer to be tied up, wouldn’t you? Hands tied behind your back sounds good to me. You wouldn’t want to get away once you were on your knees, and my cock was in your mouth.”

My knickers were flooded. I struggled in his hold with conflicting emotions. Half of me wanted to leap on him, half of me wanted to run like hell.

“Please,” I whispered, but Tyree stopped me from saying anything further.

“I’ll not force you, if that’s what you’re fretting about.” He winked at me. “No, darling, you’ll beg me to screw you before I give you the pleasure.” My breathing faltered in my throat. “Tell me what you want, darling,” Tyree crooned.

I couldn’t believe the audacity of this guy. I’ve never had to beg for anything in my life. No one had ever made me sink so low. But the thought of it made my arse twitch, my nipples strain, and my clit throb like it was burning up.

Erotic Brits 2: Sexy Scotland is available NOW (for Kindle download) (for Kindle downloads in Pounds Sterling)

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Ripper’s Redemption

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Ripper’s Redemption by Jacqueline Applebee

Genre: Mystery, Lesbian, Interracial, Menage

Length: 162 pages, Novella

Price: Printed book $12.50, (approx £7.70 or 8.90 Euros) for E-book $4.99 (approx£3.00 or 3.50 Euros)

Is Jack the Ripper alive today?

Jessie is happy leading a hedonist lifestyle, with plenty of women to enjoy in or out of her bed. When Jessie’s friend asks for help in finding her missing lover, Jessie is reluctant, however as increasing numbers of women go missing in the East End of London, she is forced into action.

Jessie barely starts her investigation when she realises that she is being watched by a mysterious figure. With the help of her friends, and a ghostly visitation from her Aunty, Jessie learns that there is a connection with these recent disappearances, and the unsolved mystery of Jack the Ripper. Jessie meets beautiful Rachel, who also wants to solve the mystery. However this new woman carries secrets of a mysterious Sisterhood who may be responsible for these disappearances.

Both Jessie and Rachel find themselves hunted by members of this secret society, who want them silenced at any cost. Jessie has to trust her instincts in order to stop the bigger evil who threatens the lives of anyone who gets in their way. Jessie receives help from unexpected sources, including a bounty-hunter, a horny librarian, a sex-starved police officer, and an army of prostitutes. These women enable Jessie to face the Sisterhood, and in doing so, she is also able to reveal the secret identity of the notorious Jack the Ripper!


“Spread them wider,” I snarled. I wasn’t actually angry; if power-play games were what it took to get Rachel off, then I was happy to oblige. I could play mean just as well as the next woman. “Didn’t you hear me? I said, spread your legs wider, bitch,” I snapped. Rachel bit her lip, drew her knees up, and widened her legs. I slapped her thighs, first the left and then the right; she quivered like she was already close to coming.

I lifted the bottle of lube, squirting a ribbon of the thick liquid into my right hand. I squished the viscous goo until it coated my fingers with a generous layer. “I’ve got a dare of my own,” I growled. “I dare you to take me in all the way without crying for your mother.” Rachel gave me a sharp look, but she said nothing. My index finger slid over her clit, tapping lightly. I circled her labia, and then plunged inside. Rachel groaned, moving her arse up and down. I pumped slowly, making her whine. This time when I bent my head to hers, she kissed me with no teeth involved. We were connected tongue to mouth, finger to crotch. We danced together on the bed, though no music played, save the Sonny and Cher tune that circled my brain. I reluctantly pulled away from Rachel’s lovely mouth, but my sticky fingers remained buried in her. My middle finger joined the first, moving in shallow little thrusts inside Rachel’s slippery pussy. When my ring finger joined the others, Rachel’s skin was covered in goose bumps. She humped my hand with desperation.

“Please,” she whimpered. I looked up at her, halting my movements. “Please, more,” she whispered. My little finger slipped inside. I added a squirt of more lube; the obscene sound of the bottle just added to the atmosphere of depravity. Shove twist, pull. Shove, twist, push. My thumb made the circuit complete. Rachel shuddered, making a primal noise low in her throat. She arched off the bed, sucking me inside her with no effort on my part at all. I was in up to my wrists, caught inside her hot pulsing pussy. Rachel’s body was tense. Her small nipples had magically grown twice their size. I watched hypnotised as her modest breasts bobbed up and down. Her clitoris stood to attention as I worked; a sweet red beacon that throbbed inches from my lips. I pulled back a little, and then I carefully pushed forward. Rachel wailed like a banshee. I found my rhythm as the different sounds played out; the squelch of my hand, the cry of pleasure. It was bliss. Rachel bore down, pushing harder against me. Nonsensical words fell from her mouth, “Please, oh, please, oh no, oh yes!”

My knuckles hit the bump of her g-spot as I plunged inside. Rachel’s eyes flickered open and shut. I felt a clamping sensation around my hand; the solid hold that always took my breath away whenever it happened. Just like the song, she really did have me. I was torn from my thoughts as Rachel squirted a thin jet of come on to the bed; that was a rarity in my experience, but I was an equal opportunities slut. Wet or dry, everyone was welcome.

Ripper’s Redemption is available NOW (for print book and Kindle download) (for Kindle downloads in Pounds Sterling)

Excessica (for e-books in formats other than Kindle)

Illuminate Me


Illuminate me. Tell me about sexy men who knit; the rare souls who love yarn with a passion. Enlighten me. I want to hear about a woman who uses silence to convey her desire. Tell me about the bound, struggling girl in a cocoon of soft cloth, and the friends who teach each other how to suck cock. Teach me how time and space spirals from a marker on the ground. I want to know about the wet kiss, bitten lips, groping, moaning, screw till you’re sore tales you’ve written.

Okay then. Since you’ve asked so nicely…


Excerpt from Old London Town

We caught a river boat down the Thames, and we sat in the shade at the back of the vessel as it sped through the water. Mae massaged my sensitive hands, stroking once and then twice whenever she hit a particularly promising spot. I gasped and mouthed soundless groans into the air as she stimulated me. My clitoris begged for attention, my nipples needed to be sucked, and I wanted to kiss every inch of Mae’s body.

“Hungry, aren’t you,” she drawled with a suddenly strong accent. “I think I can take the edge off your appetite before we get home.” Mae made a reach for the hem of my skirt, and I suddenly froze, aware of where we were. “Everyone’s up top, snapping photos. We’re all alone down here,” she continued, and before the words were even out of her mouth, she lifted the hem of my frayed denim skirt. I looked over her shoulder to see if anyone was about, but for some strange reason, my vision suddenly blurred. Two of Mae’s fingers pressed against the outside of my knickers; she ran them up and down the elastic on each side, murmuring happily, and smiling like the sun whenever I trembled in her grasp. I heard footsteps coming down the staircase that led to the lower deck of the boat, and I tried to pull away, but she wouldn’t let me. Public sex always seems like a good idea, until you actually attempt it; I didn’t want to perform for a crowd. This country girl was starting to make me look bad. The footsteps I’d previously heard halted, and then retreated back to the upper level. I sighed with relief, and then almost screamed as Mae pinched my clit. Her fingers slipped on my juices, but she still tugged on me, grinning a wide country girl grin as I bucked and shook.

“What do you want, Lesley?” she teased me, purring her silky voice against me. I kissed her, sent the message directly to her mouth, straight down her throat with every press of my lips to hers. Her fingers slowed down, but they pushed harder instead. Old London Town swirled around me, twisting into a thin wavy line that became the river we sailed on. I couldn’t see, couldn’t breathe … she tweaked my clit in a cruel movement, and I stifled a yell as I came hard. How had she done that? How had this country girl known?


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Are you only happy when it rains? Sad tales of desire occur to me more than I wanted people to know; much more than seemed fitting for a happy-go-lucky creator of erotic fiction. Be aware, there are more than kisses and flowers when it comes to lust. There are pierced hearts, wilting roses, and the ever present drip-drops of tears.

In Dancing in the dark, a woman hits rock bottom, only to discover that there are lovers waiting for her down there. My mother’s voice tells of a survivor of physical and mental abuse as she starts her recovery with sexual healing. In the paranormal story, Pieces of me, the central character is confined to her bed through illness, but that doesn’t stop her from having a wild time with multiple partners. Boys next door tells of a ‘standard Welsh loser’ whose first taste of sex drives him to an uncertain end. British Summertime is told moments before a flood hits. Finally Muscle Memory sees a woman who is fearful of losing her memories of past sexual exploits.

It is my desire that you find hope amongst these sad tales; that you are able to treasure all you have, and all that makes your life special. Especially the sex.

An excerpt from Dancing in the dark

I didn’t switch on the lights when I ushered the men indoors. I just shuffled out of my coat, and continued to dance with them in the shadows of my room.

Ted held me from behind, wrapping long elegant fingers around my wrist. I could feel his hard on pressing against my ass, an insistent knock at the door. Nathan cupped my face; traced the outline of my features in the dark. I fingered the short bristly growth of his hair, smooth like suede. I wanted to feel it rubbing over my breasts.

Ted laid his face against my shoulder, and he licked along from my bra strap to my neck. I shuddered as he gently devoured me. I felt like the most beautiful woman in the world. A mere two hours ago I had been ready to say goodbye to everything and everyone I had known, but right there and then, I was grateful to be alive, thankful to have two amazing men in my arms.

But then, just like that, the cold light of reality intruded in on us. Nathan fumbled in the gloom, and he flicked on my bedroom light. I stood beneath the bright yellow bulb, aware
of what the two men must be seeing.

“What happened to your room?” Ted asked in a shocked tone. “Where’s all your stuff? Where the hell is your bed?”

I felt the blood rush to my face, feeling ashamed at the situation. “I was going away,” I mumbled weakly. “I didn’t intend on coming back.”

I saw realisation in both their eyes as I spoke, and then I saw a softness replace that. They drew me to them once more. Nathan kissed me; a ferocious kiss that made my head reel with pleasure overload. He angled my face to gain better access to me, and he branded me with his lips, marking me so that I would never forget it. Ted twisted me about, even as
I thought that I would die from Nathan’s kiss, only to consume me with one of his own.
“Stay with us,” Nathan’s voice was almost drowned out by my moans. “Don’t go.” He switched off the light.

Ted pulled me down to the floor, and we tumbled in our embrace, only ending when I sat astride him. Nathan knelt behind Ted, and held his hands, restraining him as he gyrated
beneath me.

“I can’t believe you got rid of your bed,” Ted complained, and pushed his bulging erection against me. My body responded with a language of its own, as I unzipped Ted, and swallowed his dick in a single urgent gulp. Ted’s hips rocked beneath me as I sucked him. This was permanence, I thought as I wrapped my lips around his shaft. This was where I should be. I looked up to see Nathan holding Ted’s hands, but now he was using them to rub against his own hardness.

Nathan eased himself away from Ted reluctantly, but in a flash he was behind me, with his hot torso against my back. At first it felt like we were doing the conga, but as I felt him press fingers into me, I knew this was no ordinary dance. He threw a foil wrapper onto the floor. I gasped as I realised what was going to happen. Fingers twisted into me, and I writhed against them. A thicker blunter press came next, and this time, my dance partners helped me out when it became too much. I lay atop Ted, as he held me in a clinch. We could be dancing the tango from our pose, with my ass jutting out, and various legs angled all over the place. Nathan grunted as he surged inside me; halfway in he paused, but I pushed myself back onto him, flush with my other dance partner.

We moved as a threesome, dancing in the dark, making our own crazy music. The cheap carpet on the floor was unforgiving; the next day we all had friction burns on various
bits of our body, but I felt alive. I felt so good that I didn’t care.

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Erotic Brits

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Erotic Brits

Length : 39, 785 words

Price : $4.99

Available NOW from Excessica

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Join a tour around the United Kingdom with Erotic Brits. In these eighteen tales, you will see a Britain you probably didn’t know existed. There are no tea and crumpets on the lawn, no genteel romances or period pieces. Instead you can enjoy a scorching-hot rendezvous on an Irish ferry, where a woman happily submits to three men, letting each of them use her for their pleasure. In St. Albans, a choirmaster orchestrates a three-way in a cathedral, whilst disciplining his wayward chorister. They all know the drill-misbehave, and receive some very personal correction. However a sexy visitor who inadvertently breaks the rules doesn’t know that correction means taking one man from the front and one from the rear.

Great Britain is a country full of history and tradition, steeped in ancient myths and legends. Your very special tour includes Pagan sexual rites held at Stonehenge, tales of vampires who feed on the inhabitants of Manchester, and a room full of ghostly men and women in a secret room in London, who take part in wild orgies that never end. These Brits are always looking for fresh meat. They won’t turn down blood either.

If you ever thought the United Kingdom was a nation of stiff upper lips, then prepare to learn what really gets hard in the U.K. This unique collection celebrates all the naughty exploits that take place up and down the county, including women who love to have kinky fun in a queer London pub, and a threesome who enjoy outdoor sex at historic Edinburgh Castle. The locations don’t only provide a backdrop to the lusty scenes-they become an integral part of every sizzling story. This tour is not in the guidebooks, but you can take it right now!

The choirmaster yanked my coat open with a sharp movement. I felt incredibly exposed; I could feel my nipples start to harden in the cold air. His eyes seemed drawn to my breasts, because the next moment, he put his baton down, and then pulled up my thin T-shirt, rolling it up to my armpits. He pushed my bra up next, leaving my breasts exposed to him.

“Slutty,” he growled. The single word made my knees weak.

When the choirmaster picked up his baton once more, I instinctively took a step back, but Allan held me by my hips trapping me. Edward swept a long graceful hand around my waist moving closer. He used the tip of the stick to circle my nipples, drawing swirls around my puckered flesh until I groaned.

“I don’t need to hear your voice,” he said with a note of arrogance. He bent and sucked on my breasts, squeezing with his lips, biting down with hunger. And all the time, he held me in a solid grip. I could feel myself flooding as he sucked me hard. He pulled away abruptly, though his eyes still moved over my body.

The choirmaster quickly span me around. I braced my hands on Allan’s chest as I felt my coat being swept to the side. He pushed my skirt up, gasping when he no doubt saw my ripped stockings and my soaked knickers. He pulled my underwear down until it fell around my ankles. The smell of sex surrounded us. I looked up into Allan’s eyes, but he just cranked his smile even wider.

“I don’t want to hear a squeak out of either of you,” Edward commanded, and then he struck me with something long and thin—it must have been his baton, it was the only thing it could have been, though I couldn’t see. I could only feel a line of heat across my bottom, followed by a stinging sensation that bit into my flesh. He hit me again, harder than before. I felt tears prickle my eyes, my clit grew solid, and I knew that I was going to come. He stroked bitterly cold hands over my ass after three more whacks.

“Feels good, doesn’t it?” Allan whispered in my ear as I gripped his uniform. Edward continued to beat me; my skin grew burning-hot as I was punished.

“I think you’re ready now.”

I held my breath. The sound of liquid squirting from a bottle made my eyes widen. I felt a cool sticky substance against my ass next. My mind could not quite believe that he was going to do this.

Erotic Brits by J. Applebee

Warnings: This title contains f/f and m/m sex, multiple partners, menage, bisexuality, transgender themes, BDSM, and anal sex.

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