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Polyday was brilliant!  The day started off with me feeling quite emotional as I left home to travel to Holborn.  I thought of all the times I’d been told that it was impossible to love more than one person, and that I must be some kind of a deviant for doing so.  I got quite tearful thinking of how fortunate I was to be able to live in the present as a polyamorous, bisexual woman; to have understanding partners (most of the time), and to have events like Polyday close to home. 

I arrived at Polyday while the sun was still shining.  I walked into the main hall where I instantly saw several friends I knew from bisexual, kinky and genderqueer spaces I’ve been to.  Everyone seemed to be in a really good mood, and that just added to the chilled-out atmosphere.

I visited Jemima Wilcox’s stall where she was selling copies of her Poly project book.  She had the cunning plan of giving away free sweeties and a bag with every copy, which seemed to be working very well for her.

The first session I attended was ‘Getting Polytical’  I had been impressed by the sheer enthusiasm of the Polytical folks since meeting them two years ago.  Polytical are working on a series of educational leaflets and packs.  Some of the subject they hope to cover are: Sex education, advice for Human Resource workers, social workers, and sexual health workers.  Polytical also hope to produce some documentaries on poly.   During the session I was also struck by how it was possible for me to be in an activist space, and not get annoyed or angry by clueless people.  I felt positive and understood, which was refreshing!

I attended ‘Poly 201’ next which was full of useful knowledge from more experienced poly people.  There next followed a short break where I went out to a local sandwich shop with two friends of mine. One of my friends managed to stop a thief in the shop, which was an unexpected thing to happen on an already exciting day!

After the break I went to the ‘Poly T-shirts’ workshop.  Somehow my dormant sewing skills resurfaced for the hour, and I was able to create a little applique on a T-shirt.

The next session was ‘Poly Stories’  I’d brought a few things to read, but I wasn’t sure what the format of the session would be as I wasn’t running it.  A man with a Poly-Quaker T-shirt told a fairytale that ended in a three-way wedding, another man told of his real-life experiences of discovering polyamory.  I read two stories, one from NSFW and one from my upcoming Bisexual Men book.  A woman then read the most lovely children’s book, Six-dinner Sid, about a cat who lives with six families on one street.  The session ended with a short but beautiful poem by the Poly-Quaker.

The evening ‘Speakeasy’ was a simple, but wonderful idea.  Everyone mingled, chatted, and enjoyed the music from a very talented pianist who played music from the 1920s and 30’s.

I went home with a huge smile on my face, a happy poly woman. 

Many thanks to all those who helped make Polyday a wonderful day for me.

If you also loved Polyday, then OpenCon is a Poly weekender that happens in October.

An Expanded Love is my polyamorous novel, part of which takes place at Polyday!

Polyday 2011: Not strictly bi, but with so much crossover, why not?