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For those who need screen readers, the poster reads: 

Still unheard Out There

Making Rainbows through the prism of LGBTQI+ diversity

Friday 30th June pm, LVSC, 200a Pentonville Road, London N1 9JP

An event about under-represented LGBT voices.  The stories and priorities of intersex, bisexual, pansexual and intersectional LGBTQI+ people in London.  WWE have a small budget for speakers.

Email HEARcampains@reap.org.uk for information and to book your place.

This will be a free event!



Open Letter to London LGBT Pride on UKIPs inclusion

CN Lester and I have drafted an open letter to the Board and Senior Team of Pride in London about their behaviour over UKIP’s inclusion.

If you’re interested in signing (as a group or organisation) or know of people who would be interested in signing, you can let us know in a variety of ways 

Email me at bis.of.colour@gmail.com

Leave a comment on CN Lester’s Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/cnlestermusic

Leave a comment on CN Lester’s site: https://cnlester.wordpress.com/2015/07/17/open-letter-to-pride-in-london-regarding-inclusion-of-ukip/

To the Board and Senior Team of Pride in London,

We, the undersigned, are writing to express our deep disappointment at Pride in London’s behaviour concerning the inclusion of UKIP in this year’s march, to wit:

UKIP was initially included in the march, despite having failed to sign up to the Pride in London charter. The signing of this charter was a prerequisite of entry – UKIP were the only political group to refuse to sign, but were still accepted as participants.

Pride in London failed to inform their Advisory Board of this decision. Crucially, they failed to consult with their BME representative before accepting UKIP’s application. Said representative was left to find out about UKIP’s inclusion from publicity materials and media coverage.

Pride in London then further refused to discuss UKIP’s inclusion with their BME representative, leading to said representative’s resignation.

After a broadly negative public response from the LGBTQI community to the announcement of UKIP’s inclusion, Pride in London publicly rescinded their acceptance of UKIP’s application. Pride in London assured other participants, and the broader community as a whole, that UKIP would not be allowed to march.

On the day of the march, Saturday June 27th, the UKIP contingent were ushered into the march itself as it was underway. This despite failing to pay the entrance fee, sign the charter, sign the agreement on good conduct, or be included in the parade route. It is important to note here that other groups and individuals who had failed to complete these steps were removed from the march by stewards and security officials.

The Chair of Pride in London, Michael Salter, consequently informed BBC Daily Politics that they had ‘managed to get them [UKIP] safely into the parade’ – confirming that UKIP’s inclusion was deliberate, rather than a last minute error. Mr. Salter expressed concern over the safety of UKIP supporters – but raised none of the concerns posed to him and the Board about the safety and well-being of other LGBTQI marchers threatened by UKIP’s inclusion. Mr. Salter went on to say that it was ‘great that they [UKIP] were able to participate’.
The board of Pride in London failed to respond to questions raised by the community over this backtracking. They have, after nearly three weeks of silence, produced a report that fails to answer the questions and concerns raised to them.

In providing UKIP members with special treatment (waiving of fees, waiving of conditions of entry) whilst assuring the broader LGBTQI community of their non-involvement, Pride in London have shown themselves to be incompetent, mendacious, or both. In particular, Pride in London’s treatment of their BME members and, more broadly, London’s LGBTQI people of colour, has been profoundly disrespectful. Instances of both overt and passive racism and Islamophobia from Pride in London’s board have been previously documented. This recent behaviour has confirmed the view of many in the community that Pride in London has failed in their duty to reflect and honour the multicultural nature of London’s LGBTQI population.

In their lack of respect shown to their own advisory committee, in their lack of respect shown to the broader LGBTQI community (including all other participants in this year’s Pride march and events), in their lack of transparency and failure to communicate honestly, the current Pride in London board shows itself not fit for purpose.

To represent London’s LGBTQI population accurately, the board of Pride in London must reflect the actual diversity of our community – and behave in accordance with its legal role as a community interest company.

We demand that changes be made: within the board, to the ways in which the board communicates, and with Pride in London’s accountability processes overall.

London LGBT Pride, Part Two: The rubbish bit



This link https://twitter.com/daily_politics/status/615482050385047552  shows Michael Slater, Head of London LGBT Pride, speaking about how he managed to get UKIP into the Pride parade “Safely”  It starts with him talking about how the Islamaphobic banner, seen at Pride is funny.  Then he moves on to UKIP shortly after.

UKIP, a fascist political party has its own LGBT group.  They applied and were accepted to march with the Pride parade in June.  However, there was a bit of a backlash from LGBT PoC and others, who said a hate group had no place at Pride.  Pride had accepted the inclusion of this group without telling anyone on their Advisory Board about it, including me as the Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic member’s representative.  I was so disgusted at this underhand tactic that I resigned my post.  I wanted nothing to do with an even where UKIP would appear.

As a result of this, and heaps of bad publicity, London Pride issued a statement saying that UKIP’s LGBT group would no longer march in the parade, due to “safety concerns”

All of this came to nothing when UKIP’s LGBT group crashed the parade, pushing their way past the Lesbian and Gay Immigration group.  For more info on this see: http://www.gaystarnews.com/article/ukip-sneaks-march-pride-london270615

I would never have attended Pride if I had known a hate group would be in the march, that wants to see people like me dead.  I feel as if London LGBT Pride has once again, screwed over People of Colour, in allowing this entire debacle to happen.  There were hundreds of stewards and police along the parade route; why did they do nothing when this incident occured?

Because they don’t care about us.

At the start of the parade, a man protested over Barclay’s Bank being present (and at the front).  He was wrestled to the ground by a Pride steward, and then arrested by the police.  The same people did nothing when UKIP barged in.  That group hadn’t paid a marching fee, and they hadn’t signed the code of conduct agreement.  Many small charities had to pay to be part of the parade, but UKIP got in for free by shoving black people out of the way.

I am incredibly upset about this.  So I’m going to cheer myself up by looking at Part One of this, over on the Bi’s of Colour site: http://bisofcolour.tumblr.com/post/122742976253/london-lgbt-pride-part-one-nice-bits-i-attended



UPDATE: UKIP will no longer be part of the parade.  Official statement rom London LGBT Pride http://prideinlondon.org/news/2015/06/statement-ukip-presence-pride-london/

UKiP aim to march at London LGBT Pride.  For those not in the know, UKIP are a political party that wants the UK to have laws in place that would stop HIV+ people entering the country.  They want Christians to be able to discriminate against LGBT people.  They want Immigrants out, and whites in.  This party is incredibly poisonous.  However they have a LGBT group, and this group wants to join in pride, complete with UKIP banners and a sense of hatred.

London Pride has a history of being aimed at white gay men, with anyone else pretty much ignored.  UKIP marching at Pride isn’t just something that will affect People of Colour though; it affects everyone.  UKIP may not have a policy on LGBT people, but their councillors have said some very LGBT-phobic things in the past.  There is no place for them at this celebration.

On a personal note, I have recently taken over as the Black and Minority Ethnic persons rep on the Pride Community Advisory Board.  I wasn’t told that UKIP were marching on the parade.  It was only by accident that I found out about it. I feel that the officers of Pride have ignored non-white LGBT folks yet again.  But this time I am not going to be silent, and you don’t have to be either.

Send an email to http://prideinlondon.org/contacts/ and let them know what you think.

You can also sign the petition here: https://www.change.org/p/the-board-and-senior-team-pride-in-london-board-remove-ukip-from-london-pride-march-2015



I’ve recently been voted in as the bisexual people’s rep for London Pride Community Advisory Board! http://prideinlondon.org/about/who/community-advisory-board/

I promise to do the following:-


2 Not be so into myself I will refuse to learn

3 Listen to bi folks some more

I hope to count on your support as I take on this new post. Because I’m half overjoyed and half petrified!

I can be contacted at Jacq.bi.rep AT gmail DOT COM