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To JMS books, a GLBT press


I am all kinds of disappointed with this.  It’s like Stonewall have branched out into publishing…

From the Submissions page: JMS Books LLC is a small press specializing in gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender fiction”

And further down the page: (my bolding)

“What we don’t accept:
We publish what we like to read. At this point in time, we are not accepting submissions from new authors in the genres of extreme BDSM or heterosexual, bisexual, or menage erotica.”

My email:

Dear J.M. Snyder,

I’ve just had a look at your submission page. Why would a GLBT press not want bisexual stories?  Why not just say you are a GLT press and be done with it?  It feels insulting to me, a bisexual writer who writes all sexual orientations.  Biphobia includes erasing the existence of bisexuals in fact and fiction. Please consider the hurt this causes to people who face this kind of discrimination on a daily basis.  I will never be gay enough for some folks, and I will never be straight enough either. 

Please be better than this.

J. Applebee