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A love poem in a time of sadness


By Jacq Applebee


So jealousy is a fungus; spores infecting all in sight.

It blooms and blows in grey dust places,

Grey and green and black and white.

Possessiveness is a living trap that shoves me up against a wall.

The silence of shame is like a shroud outlining my living form.

But love will make my heart beat strong

When all I want is to disappear.

I’ll take step after step in a world full of thorns

To a woman in the North with warm red hair.

Writing and Depression 2


Blue, red and green capsules

Read warnings before ingestion

Do not operate machinery

Until two hours after writing poetry.

Do not wander lonely as a cloud;

Take your frustrations

And write something down.

Poetry won’t stop your delusions.

It won’t fix your disturbed brain.

If you need a hospital admission,

Poems won’t stop the mental pain.

But poetry is sometimes therapy to me;

It helps me get things out.

And sometimes anxiety is turned into words

That I write, instead of shout.

Still it often makes me wonder;

Writing under the influence of medication.

Are these words mine or the pills?

Or are my poems a collaboration?