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The Biscuit has now fully funded their bisexual float for 2018 London LGBT Pride!  Contact biscuit for info on how to get on the float – it’s open to bi/pan people, regardless of gender.

During Pride in London’s 46-year history, there’s never been a bisexual community float


If you’ve had as much trouble finding this book as I have, here’s what it looks like.  I’ve had several issues with this book when it was just a kickstarter: the title seemed inappropriate to the large numbers of bisexual and queer Christians I know, but the biggest problem was the lack of awareness of ethnicity and bisexuality.  I asked about this when the book was being put together, and was given the tired line: “We couldn’t find any Bisexuals of Colour”.  I was later told that there is indeed a black bisexual in the book, but it still hurt me to see this shoe-horning of a silenced group at the last minute when they realised the whole project was a #Blizzard.

Bisexuals of Colour deserve better than that.

And Ian spoke unto the publishers of The Bible and said.. – BiFurious


Brum (Birmingham) Bisexuals are a great bunch of people!

Whenever I’ve been with them in the past, I’ve had lots of fun.  There are also fantastic shops, eateries, a bustling market & Chinatown in Birmingham, all very close by to the venue, so it’s easy to mix pleasure with more pleasure.  Nearest train station is New Street, which has good connections with the whole of the U.K

Brum Bi Group