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Saturday 25th June marks London LGBT Pride. It also marks the Queer Trans and Intersex People of Colour picnic in Burgess Park, London.  So if you’ve had enough of pinkwashing of racism, colonialism, biphobia and transphobia in London’s Lesbian and Gay scenes, go to the picnic instead!  There will be no corporate sponsors pushing alcohol, no armed forces, and no facist hate groups.  In fact, this will be the polar opposite of what London LGBT Pride has become.  The hashtag for this picnic is #Notyourfuckingrainbow and that kinda says it all…

Visit the page at to see the map and to learn more.


See me walking down the street

Big hips, fleshy arms

See me smile, all toothy and bright

See my skin

See my fat

The little girl inside me laughs and claps
I skip over cracks
See my stride, watch my flow
See me strutting through this town
See me walking.  See my fat

A white boy catches the little girl’s eye
He’s nothing but a teen, but still he knows how
To spit, to scowl, point and laugh
See me falter
See my fat

I ain’t your mammy, shut your mouth
I ain’t your dancer, your exotic queen
I’m just a shadow when the lights burn bright

See her shrinking

See my fat

If my little girl disappears who will take her space

The space she takes just walking down the street?

How can any fat person ever make it out in one piece

When hard eyes make every step a feat?

This fat black soul is wounded as I speak

See my fat

And just let me be.