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“Juggling the Rainbow“ is a collection of 13 personal writings about non-monogamous relationships, made in Aotearoa/New Zealand 2010.

The PDF is available as a download, but if you would like to buy a hard-copy please contact via:

Cheerz, Taika

My advice: Ignore the nasty comments on the opening page, and just have a look at the great zine

Juggling the rainbow

Care and feeding of an Activist


Last night I made dinner for an activist;
She had a funding deadline to meet.
She had to collate figures, then find ways to re-jig them,
But I just wanted her to eat.

I may not be a flag-waving anarchist,
I may not ever give a great speech,
But if she didn’t take a break;
Drink some tea, eat some cake,
Then she’d fall in a heap at my feet.

Last night I made love to an activist;
I had to tie her down to get the job done.
Her language was brutal,
Her nudity, full frontal,
But I still made my activist come.

As my activist lay in my arms,
Happy in her post-coital state,
She caught sight of the clock,
Promptly went into shock;
The funding application was late!

Last night I was chased by an activist:
I ran naked down streets in the dark.
For hell has its fury
But nothing compares to an activist on the war path.

Don’t make the mistake that I did.
Now I’ve got her fist in my face.
Don’t come between an activist and her project,
Or you too may suffer the same fate.



No Make-up Week. Yes, really.


So I notice that it is ‘No Make-up Week’

Wow.  Did everyone forget about real issues for a bit, so they had to come up with something in a rush?  Do you guys have to meet some kind of quota?  Funny, but I last wore make-up fifteen years ago, because the choice of make-up for black women in the U.K was practically non-existent.  Did I mention it was about five times as expensive as make-up for white skins? 

“women said they would rather employ a woman who wore makeup  than one who didn’t.”  Hmm.  I think these are probably the same people who are less likely to hire women who are disabled, or black, or openly queer.  Or am I reading that wrong too?  Because when one of these women walks into an interview, she has to face disbelief that she went for the job in the first place, racist/phobic/sexist attitudes from the panel, and questions as to whether she plans on having kids any time soon.  This is all stuff that most white/straight/able-bodied women don’t even have to think about.

Really, like I needed another reason to not call myself a feminist?  So to everyone taking part in the No Make-up shindig, you might want to try ‘Not being so bloody middle-class week’ or ‘Address Racism week’ instead.  You know, because us black, disabled and queer folks would really appreciate it.  Really.


Why I love my colleagues

Working in a library is not quite as fun as this.  However I am very fortunate that in the library I work in, I can be out as bisexual, polyamorous and kinky.  I’m gratified when my colleagues say, ‘Have a good BiCon!’ or when they proof-read my latest piece of erotic fiction before I send it off.  I’ve got a double photo frame up with pics of my boyfriend and my girlfriend, and no one gives me a hard time about it.  So thank you, fellow-workmates (this DOES NOT include my boss).  You are the kind of allies I need.  Library staff really do rock!

P.S – Finding pics of black folk being spanked is difficult indeed.  But totally worth it!