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I’ve found my man – Carnival Smut!



I’ve found my man

By J.A
(Previously published in Bisexual Men)
Katrina and I were in bed discussing our favourite topic—how to get another man to have a threesome with us.
“We could always try that swingers club next time we’re in Canterbury again.” Katrina stroked my cock. “I had fun last time.”
“I’m glad you did, but it was a dud for me.” Katrina certainly received a lot of attention from other men, but none of them wanted to do anything with me. “We need to find somewhere more bi-friendly.”
“I thought that club was pretty friendly. I even got together with a woman there.”
I sighed. “Well it’s not very accepting of bisexual men. It’s like anything goes in that place except cock-to-cock action.”
Katrina lowered herself, kissing a trail down my body. “Yum,” she sighed. “Cock to cock.” She licked over mine. “Two cocks for me to enjoy.”
I loved it when our talk would lead to sex. Even if that was the only thing to come out of our plans for a threesome, it would be worth it. Katrina sucked me into her mouth, making an appreciative noise as she did so.
“Cock,” I groaned. I was literally gagging for some. I’d never experienced a dry spell like this, but since I married Katrina, all my male friends with benefits, my fuck buddies, and my after work liaisons disappeared. It was as if no one wanted to get together with a married man. The guys at the straight end of the scale didn’t want me around once they saw Katrina, whilst the gay men didn’t want me to even mention her. Maybe I was looking in the wrong places, but I was determined to keep searching. I really wanted a threesome. That wasn’t too much to ask, was it? I could only imagine being inside my wife whilst some hunky man was balls deep inside me.
Katrina stopped sucking me just as I started to fully enjoy the fantasy. “I’ve thought of a place.” She hit her head with her hand. “I can’t believe I forgot to tell you. Beth told me about a new naturist spa that just opened up in London.” My wife started rubbing my cock once more.
“Will there be bi men there?” I asked with a strangled voice.
“Beth told me about this guy she saw on their opening night. He was tall with long red hair and a great big dick.”
“Sounds very Nordic.”
Katrina nodded, her hands speeding up. “I can imagine some Viking throwing you over one shoulder, and me over the other.”
“So there will be pillaging?” I was right on the edge.
“It would be so amazing to see you finally get down with a god of a man.”
It was too much. My cock throbbed, shooting come all over my belly.
“We have to go there.” I slumped back on the bed. Please, god let it be soon.
Katrina cleared her throat. “Aren’t you forgetting something?” she asked. I could barely remember my own name. I didn’t have a clue what she was talking about. Katrina poked me with something. I looked up to see her holding a dildo and a vibrator in each hand.
“Sorry, love.” I hardly had the strength to move, but I shifted over so Katrina could position herself next to me. She switched on the vibe, and pressed it to her cunt, playing the device over her labia and clit in little circular motions. I leaned over to the bedside table, pulled a condom over the dildo. I lubed it up until it shone in the low light. Katrina was hungry for it. When I pushed the dildo against her arse there was only the slightest of resistance.
“Imagine our Viking friend doing this with his thick cock.” I plunged slowly inside. “Imagine him stretching you whilst I lick your cunt.” I grinned as Katrina made a helpless little noise. Two could play the game of verbal torment. Katrina came, making pleading cries that was like music to my ears. I loved my wife so much.
It was the end of August. The last days of summer span away from us. We took a train from Herne Bay to London. Two hours later we arrived in the bustling capital, though it felt even busier than usual. We took an underground train from Victoria station, intending to go to our hotel in Notting Hill Gate, but we hit a major snag.
“Sorry, mate. No trains are heading that way.”
“Why ever not?”
“It’s the Notting Hill Carnival,” the train guard said, looking at us as if we were stupid. “And you can forget the buses too.”
“Fine,” Katrina fumed. She hailed a cab, but the driver just laughed when we told him the address.
“I’ll get you as close as I can, but you’re gonna have to walk for a bit.”
We struggled out of the cab sometime later. The streets were absolutely heaving. Everything looked different to how I remembered London being. Herne Bay isn’t the most diverse place in the country, but there were a few black people living there. What I’m trying to say is, I’ve seen a brown face before. However nothing could have prepared me for the streets heaving with dancing, happy black folks. I suddenly felt like a little white dot. The music was deafening, and that didn’t include the whistles that blew constantly. The weather was warm, but not tropical, however the party-goers didn’t seem to appreciate that. I gawped at short-shorts, cropped tops, and outrageous footwear. And that was just the men. The women wore fishnet tops, micro dresses, and crazy heels. Everyone was smiling.
“Where the hell are we?” Katrina clung to my side.
“Carnival!” A line of people danced past us, all chanting out loud.
“Oh my god, we’re going to be killed!”
I nudged her discreetly. “Keep it down, love. Someone might take that the wrong way.” Katrina hung on to my side. Her backpack got jostled, and she gripped me even harder. “Relax. They all seem to be having a good time.” At that moment, a woman danced up to me. She dragged me bodily to her, and encouraged me to jiggle along to the music, moving my hands so they wrapped around her waist. She was a beautiful woman, curvy and sweet-smelling.
“Loosen up, babes,” she said. “It’s carnival!”
I smiled in response. This was another encounter I’d happily get involved with. I hoped that I could have some fun before we hit the sauna later that night. For a moment I completely forgot about my wife. Instead I was mesmerised by the lovely woman who gyrated in my arms.
“Looks like ya girl’s having fun,” she exclaimed. I turned to Katrina, but I saw her doing a slow dance with another man, despite the fact that the music was racing. My eyes bulged as I took in the way they moved together, even with the backpack making Katrina wobble a bit. Her dance partner was a handsome brute; tall with warm brown skin. His long arms were covered in tattoos. He wore some seriously baggy jeans that inched their way down ever so slightly as he pressed himself against my wife. But what really caught my attention was his hair. He had the most massive afro I’d ever seen; a cloud of frizzy black hair that just went on forever. A baseball cap was perched, impossibly, on top of his hair although I don’t know how it stayed where it was.
The man glanced at me, and then he flashed a mega-watt smile. I spotted three or four gold teeth. I felt my legs turn to rubber. I had to have him.
I sidled up to Katrina, ignoring the noise of complaint from the girl I’d danced with; these were mercenary times, and I was desperate for cock.
“Hey, who’s your new friend?” I asked. I tried to not sound too interested, but I don’t think I fooled anyone.
Katrina gazed up at the tall man. “I have no idea.”
“I’m Jamie. Was’ up?”
Jamie. Wow. What an ordinary name for such an extraordinary man. I had to get to know this guy. From the way he was grinding against Katrina, he wasn’t shy, but I wondered if he would go for me?
I slotted behind my wife, started moving to the beat as I held her, but I only felt self-conscious as I did so. Plus her backpack kept hitting me in the face.
Jamie grinned at me, and then he called out to my ex-dance partner. “Hey, Shelly, you let the white boy get away! You must be losing your skills.”
“He looks well comfy with you, Jamie. Or are you blind as well as stupid?” I almost died of embarrassment as the exchange went on.
Jamie quirked an eyebrow at me. “How comfortable do you wanna get?” he asked with a low voice.
“Just ignore him,” Katrina addressed the new man. “He’s just making sure you and I don’t run off together.”
I felt a bit put out by that. Did Katrina want him just for herself?
Jamie laughed a deep resonant belly laugh. “There’s plenty to go around. More than nuff for both of you.”
My wife and I stopped dancing. We looked at each other, and then we grinned.
“Give me ya number.” Jamie held up his mobile. “You staying local?”
We both nodded eagerly.
“I’ve got to make sure my brothers and sisters get home okay. I’ll give you a buzz.” He raised his hand. “Later.” And then he was gone, striding through the crowds with those long legs of his. I tried to keep sight of his hair, but I lost him after a while.
I turned to Katrina. “I think we just got lucky.”
“I never thought guys like him…” she darted a quick look around before she continued. “I never knew these people were into that kind of thing.”
But as we continued to half-walk, half-dance our way to our hotel, I learned that people of all ethnicities were into kinky things. Almost every nook and cranny along the streets were filled with a couple or a threesome slow-dancing, kissing, or more. The temperature soon started to rise as the number of people increased. We made little headway through the crowds, but I didn’t care as there was so many sights to enjoy. It was a brilliant piece of luck. I was certain that the Notting Hill Carnival would feature in my diary next year.
We eventually made it to our hotel, sweaty and excited. Jamie was good for his word. A couple of hours later we got his text message. Katrina went down to meet him, and then she brought him up to our room.
“Can’t stay long.” He leant against the door. “Church in the morning.” I laughed at that, but Jamie shot me a look. He swaggered up to me, hitched up his jeans. “It’s okay. I don’t discriminate against non-believers.” He grabbed me by both shoulders, and then he kissed me like I’d never been kissed in my entire life. All I could do was sag in his arms, dazed. Katrina pulled at Jamie’s clothes, causing him to step back eventually. I seriously considered divorce when our lips popped away from each other.
I watched breathless as Katrina stepped out of her short dress. I’d never known her to take her clothes off so quickly, but just one blink, and she was stark naked. Jamie sat on the bed. He pulled his hair back, and secured it with one of the colourful bracelets that dangled from his wrists.
“So can I get a drink?”
Katrina jumped up, her tits jiggling. “Rum and coke?” Jamie nodded, keeping his eyes on me. He swallowed the drink in three large gulps. I realised that I hadn’t moved the whole time when Jamie held out the glass to me. I went to take it, but he snatched my hand in his.
“Take ‘em off.” His quiet words went straight to my cock. I had to adjust myself before I could unzip my fly. Katrina knelt behind Jamie on the bed, massaging his shoulders.
“Nice,” he said. I hoped he was addressing me, and then as soon as I thought that, my skin flushed pink with sudden shyness. I knew I must look a state. I would have bet good money that Jamie was used to much bigger cocks, better toned bodies, and much darker skin.
Jamie reached into a pocket of his baggy jeans. “Who wants to go first?” I hit the floor in an instant. I tugged off his jeans and his underwear. I couldn’t wait to have at him. Jamie laughed but it didn’t sound cruel. I think he knew exactly what effect he was having on me.
Katrina pulled his long tee-shirt off, and then she ran her hands over his chest. I desperately tried to remain calm, but when I saw his creamy chocolate skin, I wanted to just take a big bite. I licked over his thighs, kissed the base of his powerful-looking cock. Jamie handed me a condom. I placed it in my mouth, and then using all of my skills, I rolled it on using my lips and tongue.
“Wow,” Katrina said above me. “You learn something new every day.”
Jamie passed me a sachet of lube. I put a little over his cock, and then I reached around to lube myself up. My hands shook; I knew the others could tell what I was doing. I didn’t care. If I didn’t have his cock inside me soon I would die. I was sure of it.
I stood though my legs felt wobbly. Jamie held my hand, and smiled at me.
“Ain’t gonna make you wait no more.” He drew me to the mattress. I went to lay on my front, but he stopped me. He twisted me around so that I lay on my back. I arched up to allow him to put a cushion beneath my spine. “I want you to see me. You can’t hide from this.” Jamie pressed two fingers to my arse, massaging it. I squeezed my eyes shut, willing myself to not come from that pressure alone.
“Open your eyes. Look at me.” The fingers moved deeper. I was not going to last. The voice, the touch, everything was too intense. If his fingers were too much, then his cock was something else. A thick length breached me. I was stretched so wide that my eyes prickled with tears. And then I looked up at Jamie. His face held a look of bliss. His brown eyes were dark and smoky.
Jamie didn’t rush. He moved with slow deep pushes, a little pull back, followed by another deep press. I groaned out loud. Jamie smiled, and his gold teeth caught the last rays of summer. It was surreal but wonderful.
“I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” I couldn’t stop myself from coming. I wanted to hold out, but I couldn’t. I was a beaten man. Jamie sped up his thrusts inside me, moving harder and harder. A new burst of intensity washed through me. I started coming even more, pumping out white streaks over Jamie’s flat stomach. Was it wrong of me to think it looked amazing against his dark skin?
“Bloody hell,” Katrina breathed. “Outstanding!”
Jamie pulled out slowly. I clenched and tried to keep him inside me but he laughed at my pathetic attempt. He bent to kiss me, and used the distraction to jerk out the final few inches.
I was a shadow of a man after that. I lay alongside my wife as Jamie changed condoms. I watched with dreamy eyes as he screwed her for what felt like hours, or maybe time had just slowed down for me. Jamie grunted like a bull, and then he collapsed finally spent.
We were all goners. None of us could move or speak. A lone calypso drum played outside. I felt like I was in some kind of a sex haze paradise.
“I gotta go.” Jamie sat up stiffly.
“Why don’t you stay a bit longer?” Katrina asked drowsily.
“My brothers and sisters won’t appreciate church not being ready for them tomorrow.”
“I thought you were joking.” I leant on one elbow, eyeing him up. “You really go to church?”
“It’s a queer-led congregation. I’m a deacon.”
“And your brothers and sisters?” I asked, intrigued.
“Not my actual relatives.” He pulled on his jeans. “But they sure love a party.” He looked at me. “What? You think white folks are the only ones to get holy?” I laughed at that. Jamie stuck out his tongue. “Have a good weekend. You guys are sweet.” He kissed Katrina’s hand.
“See you around.” I didn’t know what else to say. Jamie knelt on the bed. He ran his hand through my hair. We were so different. I loved different. We kissed. I felt his broad lips press against mine. My cock started to stir. Jamie eased away, and then raised a hand goodbye.
“Have a good day in church!” Katrina called out.
“I always do.” The door shut with a click.
I turned to my wife. “You’ve still got his number, right?”
“We’ll call him on Monday.”
It couldn’t come soon enough for me. I’d found my man. And I missed him already.


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