An extract from my trans gigalo story, ‘Scotland the Brave’ in Erotic Brits 2: Sexy Scotland (U.K)

It’s easy to look like an extra from Braveheart when you’ve already got long hair.
Wearing a kilt is second nature when you’ve worn skirts for years. Binding my tits isn’t such a bother as they’re pretty small anyway. My name’s Bobby. And I’m real happy with my world.

I could tell you that my Pappie always wanted a boy; that he was overcompensating with me, and I rebelled as a result. But to tell you the truth, my old Pa was camp as tits. End of story.

Before he passed away he told me a thing or two; he said that his was a
marriage of convenience, to keep both families and a bustling church happy. My Mam had left when I was a wee girl; she ran off with an Icelandic fishing magnate. So Pappie raised me on his lonesome, and he told me he had never been happier. Sure I had to wear girls clothes to the church-run school, as things were pretty strict back then, but as soon as I got home he would have my trousers waiting, a shirt, more often than not, one that he stitched himself, and a comic, still warm from where he pressed it flat.

I started living a double-life when I was nine years old. You cannae get that kind
of skill and experience nowadays. Not unless I’d lived in San Francisco, and Pappie had danced in a go-go cage. Mind you, I had to be brave on many occasions, but this is a land of heroes after all. And if bravery didn’t sustain me, then I was good at bluffing too.

Since my Pa went to join the heavenly chorus, I’ve earned a crust living pretty
much as a man. I’ve worked as a welder, done a little chicken farming, and even poked holes in doughnuts during the slow season. I’m a very flexible lad after all.

I love the ladies, and thank William Wallace that drag kings have finally taken
their rightful place in the world, but even global trends take many a year to find their way to Scotland. What I did, I did off my own back, using my own brain.

Erotic Brits 2: Sexy Scotland (U.S)

Photo from the Telegraph which also runs an article on kilt controversy!

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